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Adzom Gyurme Rinpoche - Vortrag mit Meditation
Thursday, 9. May 2019, 18:00 - 20:30
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Vortrag und gemeinsame Meditation

"Wie du Meditation und die Lehre Buddhas im Alltag anwendest" Praktische Tipps und Möglichkeiten den eigenen Geist zu wandeln. 

Adzom Gyurme Rinpoche wird bei uns im Meditationszentrum Hamburg-West einen Vortrag über die Anwendung des Buddhismus im Leben halten und darüberhinaus eine gemeinsame Meditation anleiten.


Datum: 9. Mai 2019; Zeit: 18 - 20 Uhr

Ort: Meditationszentrum Hamburg-West; Souterrain Waitzstrasse 64; Zum Eingang gelangst du, wenn du ca. 30 Meter in den Rilkeweg gehst.

Kostenbeitrag: 15.- Euro / 10.- Euro (ermäßigt)

Anmeldung und weitere Information:

Till Ahrens - Telefon 040 - 609 418 280 oder E-Mail: meditation(at)tillahrens.de

Rinpoche wird nach dem Vortrag ins Wentland reisen und dort einen viertägigen Meditationskurs geben. Näheres hierzu findest du auf der hier auf der Webseite von Jigme Künsang Ling.


Biography of Adzom Gyurme Jamtso Rinpoche

Adzom Gyurme Jamtso Rinpoche was born in the Kham region of eastern Tibet, and entered monastic life at a young age. He lived and practiced meditation at the Adzom Monastery where he also completed a three year retreat. He then attended Khenchen Jigme Phunstok's University at Larung Gar Monastery for four years where he studied Buddhist philosophy.

His root teachers are the second Adzom Drukpa Rinpoche and Kenchen Jigme Phunstok Rinpoche. He has received many sutras, tantras, and empowerments from both root teachers and received the Great Perfection teachings from Adzom Drukpa Rinpoche.

Gyurme Jamtso Rinpoche's skills are vast and he is also a very wise and compassionate teacher. He is accomplished in Tibetan yoga techniques, performs Phowa rituals, gives Phowa empowerments, and has also teaches Tibetan Tantric Yoga He now spends his time teaching to eager students and to Monks at monasteries throughout the world. His travels have brought him to teach at various locations including to students in China, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong where he has established several Buddhist Centers. He also oversees a Monastery in Bhutan and is currently building a Monastery in Nepal.

Gyurme Rinpoche is a Tulku (a reincarnated Master) and has been recognized as the reincarnation of Adzom Namtul Rinpoche by the second Adzom Drukpa Rinpoche, Jamyang Choukyi Nyima Rinpoche, and His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Adzom Namtul Rinpoche was a great master in his time and when he passed away it is said he achieved the rainbow body by those who saw the signs of his bodily remains shrinking to a very small size after his death. Adzom Namtul Rinpoche was recognized during his lifetime as the reincarnation of Ripa Namkha Dorje. Ripa Namkha Dorje was a student of Rainbow Padma Dundul, was a cousin to the first Adzom Drukpa Rinpoche, and hailed from Adzom Monastery. He in turn was recognized as the reincarnation of Ripa Damtsig Dorje. Ripa Damtsig Dorje was a student of Do Drupchen Rinpoche who was the teacher of four heart sons that all bear the last name Dorje. Ripa Damtsig Dorje is one of those heart sons.

Thus, the reincarnations are listed as follows: First is Ripa Damtsig Dorje, second is Ripa Namkha Dorje, third is Adzom Namtul Rinpoche, and fourth is Gyurme Jamtso Rinpoche. This Tulku is a rare gem for any student fortunate enough to study with him for any period of time. And his ability to spread the dharma to vast areas of the world has and will continue to benefit many sentient beings.



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